Winteringham Camera Club
April 2012

Banner picture by Ken Jacobs

The Winteringham Camera Club Meeting 11th April 2012.

Annual General Meeting


Ken Jacobs; Jean Jacobs; Alan  Kitchen; Margaret Kitchen; Gordon Griffiths; Rachel Holmes; Geoff Greaves; Alison Bell; Martin Bell; John Tyson;
John Drewery; Ron Chant; Ros Waltham; Malcolm Blackburn;
Joanna Blackburn; Gordon Griffiths; Sandi Johnson.

APOLOGIES Bethany Collin; Melissa Holmes.

Opening Remarks
Ken opened the meeting with thanks to Alison and Martin for donating a raffle prize.
Thanks were extended to committee members for their work during the year.

Treasurer's Report:
Jean outlined the Club's financial position at year-end; copies of accounts are available to members upon request.

Membership now stands at 20. New members would be welcome.

Secretary's Report:
Any members needing to use the mount cutter should know that it is currently at Sandi's house. This item may be needed in view of the forthcoming display event.

Events Organiser's Report:
The club events and photo slots for the coming year have been arranged taking account of responses to Rachel's survey. The events booklets were distributed.
Winteringham Has Talent exhibition on Saturday 19th May is open to the public 10am-5pm; the Hall will be open for setting up at 9am. In the morning taped music will be played; in the afternoon there will be live music. Refreshments will be available - donations of cakes were requested. Volunteers please, to serve refreshments and to be a 'club presence' since the Camera Club is responsible for this event. Rachel is setting up a rota: no individual needs to be there for the whole day.
Geoff Greaves drew up the floor plan of the event and thanks are due to him for this work.

Other Business:
The Camera Club will have a stall at the Village Fête on 23 June, which this year is to be held at the Manor House, West End.
Joanna Blackburn is taking part in Artisans In Action, where local artists and crafts people may be seen at work (21/22 April).
Golden Jubilee celebration: The Village Hall committee encourage entries for the best decorated house and garden. A prize will go to the winner.

It was suggested that the Club purchase a laptop since currently members loan their own to display slide slows. The Treasurer said there was insufficient money in the funds at present.

Reminder from Ken that members are allowed a maximum of three prints for display on 19 May. A4 prints should be mounted, with a 1" border allowed. Submissions should come to the next meeting on 9 May.
Might we have a photo slot on AGM meetings in future.

Presentation of Trophies:
1st John Tyson;
2nd Ron Chant;
3rd John Drewery.
The winner of the Shield was John Tyson.
Congratulations are due to these members for the high standard of their photography.

Election of Committee:
The present members being willing to keep their current roles, members voted that they should continue. However, an additional member was required . Joanna proposed Malcolm, seconded by Geoff - carried.

Committee for 2012 is as follows:
Chairman: Ken Jacobs;
Treasurer/Membership Secretary: Jean Jacobs;
Secretary: Sandi Johnson;
Alan Kitchen;
Gordon Griffiths;
Malcolm Blackburn.

Next Committee meeting is Wednesday 18 April, 7:30pm at 10 School Road.

Next meeting May 9th 7-30pm at the Village Hall
Photo slot
Bird or Birds


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