Winteringham Camera Club
April 2017

Banner picture by Ken Jacobs


Monthly Report: April 2017

The main business for the April meeting was the Annual General Meeting (see separate report).

The Photo Slot theme this month was Natural Forms, kindly judged by Martin Bell. Thank you, Martin.

Martin was impressed by the quality of submissions, and this being so, he introduced an additional category: Commended. Here is his choice from the large selection of prints:


Branching Out

John Tyson



Joanna Blackburn


Living Bark

Richard Cecil-Purvis

Highly Commended

Spooky Tree

Alice Nunn


Friends, Romans, Countrymen ...

Sandi Johnson

800w Camera Club 120420171st - Branching Out


800w Camera Club 120420172nd - Unfurling


800w Camera Club 120420173rd - Living Bark


800w Camera Club 12042017HC - Spooky Tree


800w Camera Club 12042017C - Friends, Romans,  Countrymen


Next month’s meeting will be 10 May, when Mo Ille will give a presentation on My Scarborough. The photo slot will be Black & White.

New members are always welcome: Village Hall, 7:30pm.

Sandi Johnson
12 April 2017




Present: (A-Z): Martin Bell; Howard Butler; Joanna Blackburn; Malcolm Blackburn; Ron Chant; Geoff Greaves; Mo Ille; Jean Jacobs (Treasurer/Membership Secretary); Ken Jacobs (Vice-Chair);  Sandi Johnson (Secretary); Alan Kitchen (Chair); Margaret Kitchen; Margaret Knowles; Carl Poole; Richard Cecil-Purvis; John Tyson; Ros Waltham ; Adrian White

Apologies: Alison Bell; Rachel Holmes (Events Organiser);  Alice Nunn

AK opened the meeting at 7:45pm.

a.Secretary’s Report (SJ)
§There has been no correspondence this year.
§The rental renewal forms are awaited.
§AK raised the question of Thank You cards for visiting speakers which was agreed last year. SJ said there had been a blip early on when there was a change of speaker at short notice which invalidated the card and she put the item on the back burner – with apologies. This will be reinstated for visiting speakers. The intention is to use photo slot winners to make the cards.

b.Treasurer’s Report (JJ)
§Details of the year’s accounts were read out. Printed information is available.
A vote of thanks was proposed as JJ is retiring as Treasurer, a post she has filled admirably since inception of the club.

c.Events Organiser (RH)
§AK announced that RH is retiring from her very successful period in this post. Many thanks were expressed for all the hard work RH has done in this demanding role.

2.Presentation of Trophies (KJ)
Certificates for the Photographer of the Year, chosen from the four winning prints each month,  judged in March by Kay Ashberry, were distributed as follows:

Reedy Ripples – Adrian White
Beauty in Simplicity – Margaret Knowles
Spring Sunshine on Crowle Moor –Alice Nunn
Strippers – John Tyson
In the Potting Shed – Alice Nunn
Highly Commended
Don’t Feel Well - John Tyson
Slow Decaying Timber at York – Richard Cecil-Purvis
Watching Night Become Day – John Tyson
Ground Squirrel – Joanna Blackburn
Puffin – Adrian White
The Skipper – Alice Nunn
Psychedelic Sunset – John Tyson

Trophies for Photographer of the Year awarded to the members with the most points from the monthly competitions:

First (Shield) – John Tyson. Since the Shield has no more space for names to be engraved, John may keep the shield!
Second – Adrian White
Third – Alice Nunn

§The Committee stood down. AK thanked them for their work and support during the past year.
§The Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary were voted to continue for a further year.
§Mo Ille was elected Treasurer. JJ will pass on all relevant documents. Thanks to MKi who has offered to assist with some aspects of the Membership Secretary’s role.
§As the events programme for this year is in place and everybody should have a copy, the search for a successor to RH is not urgent but  interested members should contact AK as soon as possible .

4.Any Other Business
§For Sale:  HP 2590A printer/flatbed scanner– interested parties please contact AK.
§Festival: The venue for the photographic display is yet to be decided. In addition, it is undecided how the work would be displayed in view of last year’s difficulty with finding dark space for the loop. Funds are available from the Festival which could be used to produce A3 mounted prints. This was thought too costly and also there are limitations in terms of space, especially if the Chapel Barn were to be used. MB is agreeable to scanning the pictures to be projected.
§Club Rules: JT raised the issue about naming prints submitted for the photo slot. The rules state that each print should have a title shown on the front, with the author’s name on the reverse, and this rule has not always been complied with. A copy of the rules will be provided for each member (SJ).

Meeting closed 8:20pm

Sandi Johnson

12 April 2017

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